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The Magic of Light

Light, as no other stimulus can, allows us to fully appreciate our environment for our awakened hours. Sunlight, with its constant change of angle, colour and intensity, brings a natural richness to our daylight environment which man has long sought to emulate.

Unlike sunlight, artificial light is not our birthright, and in order for artificial light to enhance our immediate surroundings in the variety of colours and textures we demand, electricity must, firstly, be generated and, secondly, used wisely.

It is the constant challenges of quality and efficiency that drives the industry to strive for appropriate and economic solutions in a rapidly changing environment.

The response to these challenges can be seen in our homes, towns and city streets at night, in our shopping malls, libraries and hospitals and in our sports stadia. New Zealand is fast adopting global standard practices and products as part of international trade and application best practice.

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