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Aims and Objectives of Lighting Council New Zealand
To encourage industry wide improvement of all practices in lighting.
To represent to the government, regulatory bodies, other industry associations and the community at large, the common views of Lighting Council members, engaged in industrial, municipal, commercial and residential lighting in New Zealand.
To promote ethical standards throughout the industry.
To advance the capabilities and professionalism of members.
To develop unity amongst members to address matters of common interest and concern, provided  that the Council shall not participate in or sanction any activities that contravene the competition laws and shall, in particular, observe sections 30 & 32 of the Commerce Act 1986 which forbid acts that substantially lessen competition.
To promote, aid, foster, develop and protect the interests of the lighting industry in New Zealand.

Refer to Lighting Council New Zealand's Constitution for the expectation of conduct of a member company.

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