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Product Stewardship

Lighting Council New Zealand works with other electrical industry groups and The Ministry for the Environment (MfE) on life cycle management of lighting equipment. Our engagement focuses on replacement with light emitting diode (LED) lamps. This move is entirely in step with Australia, and many other developed countries are following a similar path. Other types of lamps will be affected in the next few years as the baseline efficacy level is ramped up to progressively eliminate lower performing lamps.

Life cycle costing means exactly that, the process starts with the design of the product to ensure as many of the materials as possible used in its construction can be easily recycled, and that any hazardous substances used can also be easily contained during the recycling process. The process also allows for the cost of disposal or recycling, ensuring this falls either on the vendor or the user. The European RoHS Legislation and WEEE Directives on these matters strongly indicate the path along which NZ and other OECD countries are moving.

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