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The Industry at Work

Lighting Council Member business activities are the supply of lamps, light sources, luminaires (light fittings) and control systems, the essential elements of a lighting scheme. The understanding of the technical capabilities of the lighting elements allows lighting designers to deliver creative and welcoming spaces that are also practical and economical.

Lighting Council New Zealand Position Paper 2021:

'How Lighting can Support New Zealand's Economic Recovery and the Goal of a Net Zero Carbon Economy.'

This LCNZ Position Paper was distributed widely to Government Ministers and Agencies, NGOs and Industry Partners, to inform and support the economics of the COVID-19 recovery, and the delivery of New Zealand's ambitious goals for its energy and carbon future.

It led to the EECA-LCNZ Lighting Workshop being held in July 2021 to the above recipients, which was also recorded as a resource for use and distribution – please see below.

LCNZ-EECA Lighting Workshop (July 2021)

Lighting Council New Zealand (LCNZ) presented a Lighting Workshop in collaboration with the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA), on new generation lighting entitled 'Carbon Neutral State Sector by 2025: How Good Lighting Can Assist'.

This event was held at Te Papa in Wellington and addressed an audience of senior level government agency building managers and facilities managers. 

The workshop was to provide tangible ways to progress implementation of the New Zealand Carbon Neutral Government Programme (CNGP), the initiative set up to accelerate the reduction of emissions within the public sector.  

This initiative will provide a range of commercial opportunities for adept lighting technology suppliers and contractors. 

The workshop was video recorded, and is freely available for training purposes.

The PowerPoint presentations and videos are organised into 12 separate You Tube topic modules with an overview and link to each below, or you can access all of the workshops here.

Part 1 Welcome (Chris Byrne - LCNZ)
Introducing the LCNZ-EECA workshop as a means of achieving the goals of the NZ Carbon Neutral Government Programme (CNGP). 

Part 2 Overview (Bryan King - LCNZ)
An overview of how good lighting can assist with low carbon building outcomes. Explaining the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the NZ Zero Carbon Act.

Part 3 Lighting and Human Interaction  (Chris Byrne – LCNZ)
Understanding human circadian cycles and the rationale of human centric lighting. Light colour temperature and spectrum and its role in commercial and industrial lighting.

Part 4 What New Lighting Can Achieve (Bryan King - LCNZ)
The analogue to digital lighting transformation with LED technology. Intro to smart controls, including adaptive lighting for energy and carbon emission savings.

Part 5 Practical Applications (Chris Byrne - LCNZ)
Good Lighting design for office, industry, hospitals and sports facilities. Contrasting new build versus retrofit and upgrade solutions. Installation and maintenance fundamentals.

Part 6 Reporting Energy and Carbon Outcomes  (Bryan King - LCNZ)
Energy efficiency and carbon reduction and the need for a systems approach. Carbon accounting and reporting, and understanding lighting technical standards and building codes.

Part 7 Overview of NABERSNZ (Graham Dray - EECA)
The National Australian Built Environment Rating System NZ (NABERSNZ) ratings for office buildings. How EECA can help, and why lighting is so important. Crown Loans, and how they work.

Part 8 The Value of Carbon and Energy Specialists (Dr Mike Hopkins - CEP)
Who is CEP and how can CEP members help. Why use an energy and carbon specialist advisor. How to find the right technical specialist for you.

Part 9 Environmental Management (Bryan King - LCNZ)
Achieving hazardous mercury elimination. European Commission ecodesign regulation then and now, and the NZ implications. Explaining the circular economy for lighting.

Part 10 Understanding the Business Case (Chris Byrne and Bryan King - LCNZ)
Implications of building ownership versus leasing. Alternative lighting business models. Financial ROI assessment of lighting systems. Government procurement and tendering for lighting.

Part 11 The State Sector Decarbonisation Fund (Graham Dray - EECA) 
The NZ Carbon Neutral Government Programme (CNGP) and state sector building emissions. Explaining the NZ State Sector Decarbonisation Fund (SSDF).

Part 12 Actions and Next Steps  (Chris Byrne - LCNZ) 
Options for making progress. Steps towards making decarbonisation action actually happen.




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