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Changes to the NZ Electrical Wiring Regulations

Lighting Council New Zealand participated in the review of the Wiring Regulations. The purpose is to give the Regulator (MBIE) more clearly defined rules to ensure all electrical installations comply with internationally accepted good practice. The impact on the electrical contractor will be severe in the event of a failure to comply, with a heightened level of surveillance of the industry.

This has been driven by the impending increase in trade between New Zealand and economies such as China, with a need to ensure all goods imported are compliant with appropriate safety and design standards. The proposals are framed such that the installer has the final responsibility for compliance, requiring them to ensure all product supplied and workmanship undertaken is in accordance with the standards prevailing.

The Supplier's Declaration of Conformity (SDoC) requirements apply to all electrical appliances including lighting fittings intended for any purpose, be it domestic, commercial or industrial. This will impose extra administration costs for compliance records on a wide range of lighting products. It is intended that the increased level of surveillance promised by the Regulator has the effect of deterring opportunistic suppliers from attempting to market products that cannot be supported by appropriate test certification.

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